Look For Billing Mistakes

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Look For Billing Mistakes

About 80% of all hospital bills contain errors. This can increase your tab by about 25%. This is why it is extremely important to keep a log of every test and medication you get, and check it against your medical file, which you can order from the hospital's billing office. If you find an error, send a certified letter requesting a corrected bill, and a copy of all documentation to your insurer. Explain the errors you have found and DO NOT let the hospital/medical facility tell you that your insurance will take care of it. Be sure to get all information including how the hospital plans to take care of it and by when in writing as well as the person you spoke to and their contact information so you can follow up on it and keep copies of everything. If things are unresolved by the date promised, sent your complaint in writing with copies of all documents and correspondences to the Office of Consumer Affairs at your state's Attorney General's Office.



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