Is An Appointment Necessary

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Is An Appointment Necessary

Before you go in for something minor, call and speak to the doctor or nurse over the phone. Talk over your symptoms and see if you really need the visit. If you have a solid relationship with your doctor, and he is familiar with your health history, he may be able to call a prescription in for you over the phone rather than you coming in and paying for a visit. If you need to renew a prescription, best to ask the nurse if she can ask the doctor to call it in for you.
Medical bills
Discrepancies occur rather often and can be challenged only if you have documented exactly what really happened. This process can be painstaking and difficult to do but it can save you thousands of dollars. For some arrhythmia reason, hospitals typically take up to a year to send a final, itemized bill. By this time, you will have forgotten details of your hospital stay and may not recall what specifically should or should not appear on the bill. If this done on purpose, it is termed delayed price escalation, and is dependent on your poor memory.



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