Always Ask For Copies Of Your Medical Records

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Always Ask For Copies Of Your Medical Records

Before you leave the hospital or medical facility, always request copies of you medical records. Be sure you document the name of the person you spoke to, their contact information, and be sure you get a date on when to expect them if they are not able to deliver them to you before you leave the hospital. By requesting copies as soon as possible, you can avoid the hassle of repeating tests and sending results to another doctor in the future. If you do not receive them by the date promised, be sure to follow up with the person you initially spoke with before you left the facility or hospital.



7/16/2009 3:52:29 PM
Bruce Barber said:

The value of this tip is magnified by the need to maintain an accurate copy of your medical records at home where they can (and should) be included in all travel plans. Imagine visiting Mexico, Italy or China, having a need for medical attention and there is both a language problem and the doctor in attendance has no knowledge of your past medical history.


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