Have You Considered An HSA?

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Have You Considered An HSA?

If you have a high-deductible health plan (at least $1,100 for individuals; $2,200 for families), you may be eligible to fund a health savings account (HSA), which you can use to pay for medical expenses. In general, contributions are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE, interest or other earnings on the assets are TAX FREE, and your money grows TAX DEFERRED. Money saved can be used for qualified medical expenses (see IRS Publication 502) TAX FREE for life. HSA funds can also be used to pay COBRA or other medical insurance premiums during periods of unemployment or temporary layoff.
Any funds you don't use will grow tax-free and can be rolled over from year to year. By the time you turn 65, any money you did not use, you can withdraw in the same style as an IRA (with no penalty), so if you are fortunate health wise, it's almost like a retirement account that you can use for today's medical expenses.



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