Insurance Resources by State

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Where can I find insurance information specifically for my state?

Insurance Resources by State

Insurance laws vary from state to state. To find information on insurance regulations in your state, the first place to check is with your state's insurance commission. Just about all states have a Web site from which the state's insurance regulations are downloadable. If you have questions about what you are reading, you should also be able to find a contact telephone number on the Web site to call for help. Another helpful site you may wish to check into is The Web site is funded by grants from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AARP, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, and other reputable nonprofit groups. From the site you can download a copy of Georgetown University Health Policy Institute's Consumer Guide for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance. There are 51 versions, each tailored to each state plus the District of Columbia. The guides are summaries, so you may still need to contact your state insurance commission for some questions.



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