Joining Medicare Part D

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How do I join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Joining Medicare Part D

Even though the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is seen as way fixed-income seniors can benefit, it is necessary to think careful about the total out-of-pocket expenses. For some people the out-of-pocket expenses per calendar year can be as much as $3,600, and this is without the monthly premium. For those lucky enough to have drug coverage under employer-sponsored plans or have enough disposable income to cover their costs, be aware that if you decide you do not want to join at the time you become eligible, you may be charged a penalty if you want to join later on. For those who do stand to benefit, you can find out more about which plans are offered by visiting Medicare's Web site or by calling Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE. You can also visit AARP's Web site and read up on all the pros and cons of your various options.



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