Ask About The Pharmaceutical Deductible

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Ask About The Pharmaceutical Deductible

Do not overlook the additional coverage needed to fill you medications. Not all health insurance policies include your pharmaceuticals. The deductible you pay for pharmaceuticals may have nothing to do with the cumulative inpatient or outpatient care deductible. Be weary of low drug deductibles because they may reflect in you entire health insurance premium.
Also, make sure to inquire about the dug list or “formulary.” Often times these lists are not made available to the public. Compare this list to the drugs you are currently using, or drugs you may need in the future, such as antibiotics that you know work best for you when you are sick. If you find that your prescription is not listed, ask the insurer if exceptions are made for the drugs you do not see listed as well as the process of getting that drug approved and how much time it should take to get approval.



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