Dependents & Student Health Insurance

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Can I add my spouse and children to my student health insurance plan?

Dependents & Student Health Insurance

If you are a student with dependents, you will need to contact your health insurance provider to see if you can add your dependents to your plan while you are receiving student health insurance. While some student health insurance plan providers do allow you to add dependents for additional premiums paid, others do not. The other consideration when seeking coverage for dependents is whether the types of services you are likely to need will even be covered by a student health insurance plan. Many do not cover wellness visits for children, for example. Another example is that some school-sponsored plans do not cover gynecological services. While premiums for individual health insurance policies will almost always be more than those for student health insurance, you may break even or come out ahead by slashing your out-of-pocket expenses if your plan covers all or most the services your family uses.



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