Online Quote Sites

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What are some reputable online health insurance quote sites?

Online Quote Sites

There are a number of reputable online health insurance sites. These include sites such as Insurelane, InsWeb, NetQuote, QuickQuote,,, IntelliQuote, iLeads, eHealthInsurance or Quotemonster. All of these sites have been up and running for at least five years, and some have been around as long as 15 years. Each of these sites has a database ranging from 300 to 1,000 agents and insurance companies which searches through when a quote request is submitted. Some companies will provide an instant health insurance quote once you upload your quote request profile. Other companies have participating insurers and agents contact you via e-mail your submission. QuoteMonster and Insurelane offer portals that will direct you to a list of quote generators where you can comparison shop till your heart's content.



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